2018 Jc-IFToMM Finalist of Young Investigator Fund Best Paper Award

2018/06/01 @ Tokyo, Japan

Japan Symposium on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (日本機構學研討會Jc-IFToMM) 為日本機構學界每年舉辦的全國學術研討會。本實驗室研究生謝志青同學投稿第24屆會議(2018),投稿論文獲選「Finanlist of Young Investigator Fund Best Paper Award」,獲獎論文為“A 7R Linkage for Ankle Rehabilitation: Kinematics and Force Analyses”。

Abstract of the awarded paper:
In this paper, we present a 7R spatial linkage for ankle rehabilitation and perform its kinematics and force analyses. The primary feature of this linkage is that the output rotational joint, which accommodates to the rotation of user’s ankle, can have an arbitrary joint axis at any transitory configuration. This advantage allows the patient achieving a flexible flexion motion of the ankle, for which the rotation axis of the ankle is not necessary to follow a fixed direction and location. The kinematics and force relationships between the input and output joints of the linkage are analyzed for motion control in its passive rehabilitation mode.