Computer-Aided Mechanism Analysis

Computer-Aided Mechanism Analysis QR-code Course Chinese title: 電腦輔助機構分析
Course Number: ME3218
Credits: 3
Taught level: 3rd- and 4th-year undergraduates
Lecturer: Dr. Chin-Hsing Kuo (郭進星博士)
E-learning website: (university intranet only)

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Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to teach students the kinematic and force analyses of mechanisms and its computer programming solutions and software simulation.

Course Contents

  • 向量迴路法及運動係數 (Vector-loop method and kinematic coefficients)
  • 機構運動分析及其程式解 (Kinematic analysis of mechanisms and its computer programming solutions)
  • 機構力量分析及其程式解 (Force analysis of mechanisms and its computer programming solutions)
  • 套裝軟體之機構模擬 (Simulation of mechanisms using commercial software packages)

Course Plan

Teaching Assistant: 朱政仲(Office: T3-203, email:

Week Course content Notes
1 Course overview
Vector loop approach
Chap. 1
3 Newton-Raphson method HW 1: Newton-Raphson method
4 Kinematic analysis of linkage mechanisms (I)
5 Kinematic coefficients Chap. 1
HW 2: Kinematic analysis
7 Kinematic analysis of linkage mechanisms (II)
10 Force analysis Chap. 3
HW 3: Force analysis
14 Mechanism simulation using MD Adams HW 4: MD Adams simulation
16 Advanced Topics HW 5: Advanced topics
18 Reading week

Class Calendar


This course has no textbook.

Reference Books

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Homework Assignment

Fall 2016

Fall 2014

Spring 2013

Spring 2012


Spring 2013: Midterm, Final Exam
Spring 2012: Midterm, Final exam

Grading Plan

  • Homework: 100%(Five assignments)

Sample of Students' Works

Kinematic simulation of a multi-loop mechanism using MATLAB (利用Matlab模擬機構運動情形)

Shaking force analysis of an inverted slider-carnk mechanism using MATLAB (利用Matlab分析曲柄滑塊機構的搖撼力與搖撼力矩)

Forward dynamic analysis of an inverted slider-crank mechanism using MATLAB (利用MATLAB分析曲柄滑塊機構的動力情形)

Motion simulation of a geared linkage using MD Adams (利用MD Adams運動模擬軟體分析齒輪機構的運動)

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