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 +====== HeMAR Logo ======
 +[{{ :​hmrl_pngcolor_logo.png?​300|HeMAR Lab logo}}]
 +The HeMAR Lab logo is inspired from the wording of lab's central aim, "//​Healthcare//​."​ It simply adopts the heading letter "​H"​ to deliver the aims and objectives of HeMaR Lab. The lefthand side of the logo represents robots, whereas the righthand side implies human beings. ​ The horizontal bar bridges the interaction between robots and human beings, by which human being'​s health is promoted by robotic technology. The logo contour is profiled by a smile-like curve filled with gradient yellow for showing the cheerful and vigorous lab spirit. ​   ​
 +''​[Designed by Artist [[http://​boyuchen.weebly.com/​|Bo-Yu Chen]] (2011)]''​