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The aim of IM Lab is to develop innovative medical and rehabilitation devices and robots based on novel mechanism designs.

Surgical robotics
Surgical instruments
Rehabilitation robotics
Continuum robotics

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The 6th International Symposium on Robotics and Mechatronics (ISRM 2019) will be hosted by Taiwan Tech during 28-30 October 2018.

  • [10/2017] Our lab member Chih-Ching Hsieh finished his visiting research in the Mechanical Systems Design Lab at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. 實驗室謝志青同學於2017年7-10月至日本東京工業大學交流。[ Details ]
  • [09/2017] Professor C.H. Kuo delivered an invited talk at the Workshop on the Latest Mechanism Design in Robots and Industrial Machinery in 2017 Japan Mechanical Engineering Congress, which was hosted by JSME during 3-6 September 2017 in Saitama University, Saitama, Japan. [ Details ]
  • [12/2016] 本實驗室與中央大學以及林口長庚醫院團隊獲2016長庚醫療機器人大賽季軍。
  • [10/2016] 恭喜本實驗室碩士生洪于珺2016機構學會傑出碩士論文獎
  • [06/2016] 「2016機動學機構設計比賽:跳遠機構」完賽!。 2016 Mechanism Design Competition: Jumping Mechanism was successfully held as part of the course Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery taught by Prof. Kuo.“
  • [05/2016] 恭喜本實驗室大學部專題生陳柏宇同學獲105年度科技部大專生專題研究計畫補助,計畫名稱:「自行車省力壁掛架」。
    Congratualtions to our BSc project student Po-Yu Chen for receiving the 2016 MOST Undergraduate Research Grant for his project entitled “Labor-Saving Wall Mount for Bicycles.”
  • [03/2016] 恭喜本實驗室大學部專題生張岱蓉同學獲機械系104學年度最佳專題獎,專題名稱:「脊椎咬骨鉗的改良設計」。 Congratualtions to our BSc project student Tai-Jung Chang for receiving the 2016 Best Undergraduate Project Award of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Taiwan Tech for her project entitled “Improvement Design of Kerrison Bone Punches.”
  • [11/2015] 「2015全國機構與機器設計學術研討會」圓滿落幕! <More Info>
  • [11/2015] The 2015 IFToMM World Congress was successfully held in Taipei! <More info>
  • [10/2015] The International Workshop on Mechanism Design for Medical Devices was held on 29 October 2015 in Taiwan Tech!
  • [08/2015] 恭喜本實驗室專題生管軒屏獲2015美國機械工程師學會學生機構與機器人設計競賽大專組第2名。 <介紹連結> Congratulations to our BSc project student Hsuan-Ping Kuan for winning the 2nd Place (Undergraduate Division) in 2015 ASME Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition.” <Link>
  • [07/2015] 第18屆全國機構與機器設計學術研討會徵稿通知
  • [06/2015] 本實驗室專題生管軒屏參加2015美國機械工程師學會學生機構與機器人設計競賽,獲選進入決賽,將於8月初前往美國波士頓參加決賽,進行口頭簡報! Our BSc project student Hsuan-Ping Kuan who was selected in the finalist of 2015 ASME Student Mechanism & Robot Design Competition!
  • [05/2015] 恭喜本實驗室碩士生吳翎棋投稿論文獲The 3rd IEEE/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2015)接受,並獲科技部補助,將於7月前往中國北京發表口頭報告論文。 Our MSc student Lin-Chi Wu will present her paper in ReMAR 2015 in Beijing, China this July.
  • [05/2015] 恭喜本實驗室專題生張岱蓉2015科技部大專學生研究計畫補助
  • [03/2015] 恭喜本實驗室碩士生曾子瑜2015上銀碩士論文獎傑出創作獎
  • [03/2015] 恭喜本實驗室大學部專題生陳宥升蔡旭凱同學獲機械系103學年度最佳專題獎,專題名稱:「 平板電腦旋轉式彈簧支架之創新設計」。 Congratualtions to our BSc project students You-Shen Chen and Shu-Kai Tsai for receiving the 2014 Best Undergraduate Project Award of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Taiwan Tech for their project entitled “Creative Design of a Torsional-Spring Tablet Computer Support.”
  • [11/2014] Seminar Talk: Professor Paul Zsombor-Murray from McGill University <Details>
  • [10/2014] 活動訊息:微創手術器械開發與應用工作坊 (2014/10/25 @ 台科大)
  • [10/2014] Professor Arthur Erdman visits Taiwan Tech and gave seminar talk. <Details>
  • [08/2014] Professor Chin-Hsing Kuo and Mr. Shao-Jung Lai received the Freudenstein/General Motors Young Investigator Award at The 38th Mechanisms and Robotics Conference in ASME IDETC 2014.
  • [07/2014] Our two papers received the Best Paper Award from the 3rd IFToMM Asian Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science (Asian MMS), 9-10 July 2014, Tianjin, China
  • [06/2014] 恭喜本實驗室碩士生吳炳煬同學獲2014臺灣智慧型機器人研討會「最佳學生論文獎」第一名
  • [05/2014] 恭喜本實驗室大學部專題生管軒屏同學獲103年度科技部大專生專題研究計畫補助,計畫名稱:「 可調式腦神經外科手術大腦撐開器之設計」。
    Congratualtions to our BSc project student Hsuan-Ping Kuan for receiving the 2014 MOST Undergraduate Research Grant for his project entitled “Design of an Adjustable Neurosurgical Brain Retractor.”
  • [05/2014] Welcome the IEEE EMBS Student Club of The City University of Hong Kong visiting Taiwan Tech! <Details>
  • [03/2014] 國立成功大學副校長顏鴻森講座教授蒞臨台科大進行名家講座演講 (Prof. Hong-Sen Yan, Chair Professor and Vice President of National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan visited Taiwan Tech and shared his career development in Taiwan Tech Expert Series) <Details>
  • [12/2013] 恭喜本實驗室畢業生賴紹榕第十屆上銀機械碩士論文獎科技大學特別獎!<Details>
  • [12/2013] Prof. Chin-Hsing Kuo received 2013 Young Investigator Award (台科大102學年度年輕學者研究獎助) from Taiwan Tech.
  • [12/2013] 恭喜本實驗室畢業生李高逵獲102年度中國機械工程學會碩士論文獎佳作
  • [11/2013] We are pleased to welcome Wei Zhang & Peter Rasmussen to give seminar talk entitled “Traditional Chinese Puzzles (中國古代益智遊戲)“ at Taiwan Tech on 14 November 2013!
  • [11/2013] 恭喜本實驗室畢業生蘇俊瑋獲102年度中華民國機構與機器原理學會傑出碩士論文獎
  • [10/2013] Professor Gregory Chirikjian is coming to visit Taiwan Tech and give a seminar talk titled “Group Theory in Robot Design and Structural Biology” on 7 November 2013! [Seminar announcement] Seminar and lab tour photos
  • [10/2013] Professor Just Herder is coming to visit Taiwan Tech and give a seminar talk titled “Variable Payload Balancing” on 30 October 2013! [Seminar announcement] Seminar photos
  • [10/2013] Our paper on the kinematic analysis of continuum robots was presented at IFToMM ISRM 2013 at Singapore.
  • [08/2013] Our paper on the structural analysis of variable topology mechanisms was presented at ASME IDETC 2013 at Portland, OR, USA.
  • [07/2013] Welcome Dr. Térence Essomba and Ms. Yin-Ting Lo joining the HeMaR Lab!
  • [06/2013] 恭喜本實驗室大學部專題生修偉翔許峯旗黃晟瑜獲頒國立台灣科技大學101年度最佳專題獎
  • [03/2013] 實驗室主持人郭進星教授獲台灣區機器工業同業公會「2013機械業產學貢獻獎」。
  • [03/2013] OCW @ Taiwan Tech! OpenCourseWare at Taiwan Tech (「國立臺灣科技大學開放式課程」介紹短片).
  • [12/2012] 恭喜本實驗室專題生黃伊辰甄試錄取臺大機械系碩士班、許峯旗甄試錄取臺大生機系碩士班、黃晟瑜修偉翔甄試錄取臺科大機械系碩士班!
  • [12/2012] 賀!本實驗室畢業生連望甯榮獲101年度中國機械工程學會碩士論文獎佳作!
  • [11/2012] 賀!本實驗室專題生邱威哲邱欣榆與研究生何惠雯獲2012年中華民國生物醫學工程創意競賽「鐿鈦技術獎」!
  • [11/2012] 賀!本實驗室畢業生張隆裕獲102年度中華民國機構與機器原理學會優秀碩士論文獎!
  • [08/2012] A nice surgical robotics website to roam: SurgRob. This blog, created and maintained by Dr. Tamas Haidegger, consistently updates the cutting-edge surgical robotics news.
  • [07/2012] Our paper “On the Matrix Representation Methods for Variable Topology Mechanisms,” received the Honorable Mentioned Paper Award at the 2nd ASME/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2012, Tiajin, China).
  • [05/2012] 恭喜本實驗室大學部專題生修偉翔同學獲國科會大專生專題研究計畫補助,計畫名稱:「桌上型電腦螢幕支架靜力平衡機構之設計與實作」。
  • [05/2012] Welcome our NSC Overseas Visiting Scholar: Prof. Kin Huat Low from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore !!!