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 +====== 2014 實驗室聖誕晚餐聚會 Christmas dinner ======
 +2014/12/17 @ Shallot, Taipei\\
 +By ending of the year, a meaningfull holiday is coming. HeMaR lab had a fine dinner to celebrate this Christmas.
 +To welcome two new members, Yu-Chi and Daniel, this year we had an event of exchanging gifts, everyone plays secret santa of other'​s.
 +Surprisingly moment in dinner left warm memories to us and welcome new year!
 +將近聖誕佳節,本實驗室舉辦了秘密聖誕老公公活動,來歡迎實驗室新成員:莊喻淇與來自荷蘭的Daniel Robertson
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