2018 Visit of Prof. Kwun-Lun Ting from The Tennessee Tech University, USA

2018/05/24 @ National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

USA The Tennessee Tech University Prof. Kwun-Lun Ting 演講(左:Prof. KUO ,右:Prof. Kwun-Lun Ting)

It's our pleasure to welcome Dr. Kwun-Lun Ting, professor of The Tennessee Tech University, to present his research-“Rotatability laws of linkages and manipulators”.

實驗室榮幸邀請任教於田納西科技大學的Dr. Kwun-Lun Ting 至台灣科技大學進行演講。演講題目為 “Rotatability laws of linkages and manipulators”。