2018 Guest Lecture by Profs. Yusuke Sugahara and Misato Nihei from Tokyo Tech and Univ. of Tokyo

2018/08/08 @ National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology & The University of Tokyo Prof. Yusuke Sugahara and Prof. Misato Nihei 參訪實驗室(右2:Prof. KUO ,左6:Prof. Yusuke Sugahara , 左4: Prof. Misato Nihei)

It's our great pleasure to welcome Prof. Yusuke Sugahara from Tokyo Tech and Prof. Misato Nihei from Univ. of Tokyo to visit the IM lab. Professors Sugahara and Nihei were invited to offer an 18-hour intensive guest lecture entitled “Robotic Systems and Assistive Technologies: Design Aspects for Better Living” at Taiwan Tech.

實驗室邀請任教於東京工業大學的Yusuke Sugahara教授和任教於東京大學的Misato Nihei教授參觀機構實驗室。由實驗室同學介紹歷年的研究成果,並介紹每個人目前的研究。Sugahara教授與Nihei教授此行主要目的為受聘為台科大客座教授,開授「機器人與輔助科技之優質生活設計」短期課程。