2018 Lab member visiting Université Laval in Canada (實驗室同學至加拿大拉瓦爾大學交流)

2018/06/18-10/05 @ Université Laval, Quebec city, Canada

@ Université Laval Robotique lab (From right to left: Prof. Clement Gossélin, Hsin-Ting Huang, Prof. Chin-Hsing Kuo)

Lab member Hsin-Ting Huang was invited by Prof. Gossélin as a visiting student to Robotique Laboratory which is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Université Laval for four months. Their researches are focused on parallel mechanisms, robotic hands, cable-driven parallel mechanisms, and so on. During her stay, she also presented a paper titled ”Design of Constant-Force Mechanisms Based on Straight-Line Linkages” at the ASME 2018 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, during August 26-29, 2018 in Québec City.

實驗室成員黃芯庭受Prof. Gossélin邀請至加拿大拉瓦爾大學Robotique實驗室進行為期四個月的交流。Robotique實驗室主要研究方向有並聯機構、機械手臂、纜線驅動之並聯機構等等,黃同學在Prof. Gossélin的指導下,進行關於Re-grasping研究,受益良多。 在交流期間,黃同學也參加於魁北克舉辦之ASME 2018 IDETC並發表投稿論文,題目為”Design of Constant-Force Mechanisms Based on Straight-Line Linkages”,在研討會中與許多與會的專家學者進行交流,是一寶貴的經驗。